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Haz-mat fuel spill

Companies 47 and 52 were dispatched to Elson Road for fuel spill. Engine 47 went responding with Chief 47 as OIC. Crews from 47 and 52 investigated the source of the spill. Small spill located in garage area. Crews ventilated residence and rechecked for any signs of spill or odors from the spill. All crews were placed available.


Waterflow alarm

On Wednesday night Companies 47, 52 and 17 were dispatched to Commerce Drive for a water flow alarm. Engine 47 went responding with Chief 47 as OIC. Crews from 47,52 and 17 checked entire building for source of alarm activation. Checked pump house. No issues were found during investigation. All companies were placed available.


Odor investigation

Company 47 and 52 were dispatched to Powell rd for an odor investigation. Crews located the source. Crew from engine 47 placed a ppv fan in service to help clear the odor. Crews were on scene for approximately 2 hours.

Congratulations Deputy Chief

The officers and members would like to congratulate Baron and Kim on the arrival of their new bundle of joy. Conner arrived at 8:29 A.M. his weight is 6 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches with a head full of hair


The officers and members are saddened to hear that a second firefighter from the City of York Fire Department has succumbed to his injuries he sustained while battling a fire in the city.

We’ve also like to send our thoughts and prayers to the FDNY on the loss of one of their own as well. RIP

Drill Night

Last night for Drill officers and members participated in hose advancement and hose packing. Drivers practice with pumping the truck. Also discussed how to handle emergency situations during pumping. Thank you to everyone that participated.

Drill Night

       Tonight's drill consisted of stabilization and hydraulic tool operations. Job well done to all in attendance. 

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