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Cover Assignment at 61

Today at 2:47 pm Company 47 was dispatched to Cover station 61 Reliance Hook and Ladder Company. While they battled a building fire. Engine 47 responded with a crew of 6.


Rest in Peace Dennis Gudmundsen

The Officers and Members would like to extend our condolences to Justin Wagner and his family on the loss of Dennis Gudmundsen.

Rest in Peace Larry McKeon

The officers and members would like to extend our condolences to the Collingdale Fire Co. #1 on the passing of their life member Larry McKeon


Building Fire

At 1907hrs, Company 47,52,17,39,82 and BC 82 was dispatched to the 3900-blk. of Elson Rd for a building fire. Upon arrival, police went on location with a small fire in the kitchen and reported it to be out. Company 47 was on location for approximately an hour.

Gas Leak Outside

Last night at 7:35pm company 47, 81 & BC 82 were dispatched to Ebright ave & Ohio st for a gas leak outside.  Upon arrival of 81 and BC 82 they found a leak, called peco and the pipeline company. Company 47 was on  loction for 2 and a 1/2 hours

Rest In Peace William Brauer

The officers and members would like to extend our condolences to the Reliance Hook and Ladder Co. #1 on the loss of their life member William "bill" C. Brauer


Congratulations officers of 2019

Chief - Harry Dillman
Assistant Chief - Morgan Warren
Captain - Jon Reinhart
Safety Officer - Jackie Heidin
Chief Engineer - Tommy Gallagher
Assistant Engineer - Rich Berry

President - Jackie Heidin
Vice President - Dave Evans
Secretary - Morgan Warren
Treasurer - Spencer Warren
Trustee - Jon Reinhart
                Jackie Heidin
                Harry Dillman


In Memory of Chief Montella Sr.

Our Condolences to the Montella family and Brookhaven Fire Co. Station 52 Delco, Pa on the passing of past Chief Montella Sr. Thank you Chief for all help and memories.

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