Squad 47

1992 E-One Hush Rescue Pumper, with a 8 man cab, 500 gallon water tank, 30 gallon foam tank, and a 1500 gpm single stage Hale pump. Squad 47 has a 5 inch intake supply line with multiple attack lines, and removable deck gun. It carries Rescue tools and other rescue equipment. It has a 6.5 KW generator with remote start in the cab and on the pump panel.

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Engine 47

Engine 47 is a 1990 E-ONE Hush Pumper

Engine - 6v92 Detroit 350 hp

Tank-750 gallons
Pump-1750 pump
6kw generator
6 man can, 3 scba seats
Cord reel, booster reel, 
                                                                    2000 watt light tower

Utility 47 

Utility 47 is a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500
It has a command station that is 
mounted on a roll out tray 
it is also equipped with two
                                                                  air packs 
                                                                and hand tools for
                                                                  extra support at the scene

Chief's Car 47

Chief's Car is a 2010 Ford Crown Vic with the police interceptor

ATV 47

ATV 47 is a 2008 POLARIS Ranger side by side
It is equipped with a FIRELITE┬« Skid Unit Pacer Pump with Poly Water Tank & Rescue Area
It has 52" off road light in front and a 30" off road light out the back (not pictured)